VMware Codec

This codec is required to be installed on any computer wishing to view my tutorials. Unfortunately, VMware uses a proprietary codec which enables me to record the video using VMware Workstation. The down side is that viewers need to have the codec installed on their systems in order to view the videos.


Installation and Setup:
This tutorial explains how to properly install and configure PeerBlock. It also explains some of the benefits of using PeerBlock.

Step 1: Installation.

Obtaining PeerBlock Software.
Please visit the PeerBlock website found here to obtain the free PeerBlock software: PeerBlock.

Windows 7 Users!!!
PeerBlock is being denied its ability to start automatically upon Windows startup by UAC (User Access Control). This issue is supposed to be fixed in a future version; however, until then please visit the PeerBlock website found here to obtain a work around: Work Around.

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